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That Garlic Stuff
That Garlic Stuff

Welcome to That Garlic Stuff

Welcome to That Garlic Stuff

About Us

The Beginning

Michelle and Audra

Michelle and her daughter Audra have worked side-by-side for the past 12 years running their outdoor food business, Spice of Life Catering. Their specialties include linguica sausage sandwiches with grilled onions and meatball subs served with homemade garlic sauce.  The garlic sauce soon made its way to various other food items including nachos, chicken teriyaki rice bowls, even the corn chips served with sandwich meals. Almost immediately customers started asking, “what is that stuff?"..."what is that garlic stuff?" Some even brought small containers, hoping to purchase a little to take home. Michelle joked with her daughter, "maybe we should bottle it?   Finally, at the San Benito County Fair a customer approached the food booth with a gallon container asking if she could purchase what they had left of their garlic sauce. Michelle threw her arms in the air and said, "that's it, we're doing it!"  Several recipe revisions later (to get it just right) That Garlic Stuff was born and the rest is history!



That Garlic Stuff is available in the original flavor as well as a spicy version.  

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Our weekly* farmer’s market schedule: 

Saturdays: Old Town Salinas 9am-2pm

Sundays:  Carmel Valley 10am-3pm

Mondays:  Pacific Grove 2:30pm-7pm

Tuesdays:  Monterey 4pm-7pm &

Stanford Univ. Tressider Square 10am-2pm

Thursdays: Carmel-by-the-Sea Farmers' Market 10am-2pm

* Subject to change due to special events.  Please see Upcoming Events below.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events.


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